Mapillary_tools Python Instalação Help

I’m trying to use the mapillary_tools command line to send my .360 videos but I’m not succeeding.

I have tried several times to follow the tutorials but without success.

Can anyone help with the installation of Pyton and Mapillary_tools and give some lessons to help me send them?

I have a lot of data to send, I’m already finishing the 360 ​​survey with gopromax in my city and the mapilary upload is taking a long time.

Can someone help me? Maybe make a video tutorial?

Hi there @jaderbavaresco - it should be much simpler for you to use the Mapillary Desktop uploader which also supports .360 videos (you just drag and drop them in). Have you given that a try?

Hi Boris. I’m using mapillary desktop, but I have a lot of videos to upload and the desktop method it takes a long time.

I want to use Mapillary_tools, but the installation is very complicated to understand for me. I have tryed to instal, but i found a lot off errors. If we have a video tutorial, is easier.

I see - what about the desktop uploader method takes a lot of time? If you select the folder with all your videos it will take some time to process them (if you have a lot it can take a little while), but then all you have to do it hit the upload button.

Hi @jaderbavaresco

I have not used mapillary_tools for 360 videos, but for many years have for BlackVue mp4’s and EXIF based images.

I’d suggest that since the tools cover so many possible combinations of data sources a video tutorial will be very complex, unless it is made specifically for 360 videos.

You don’t specify the OS you are using so I can only be generic.

I use a Python virtual environment. It reduces the likelihood of damaging the environment for other applications I run. Installing that and mapillary_tools itself is a one time operation until the next upgrade. One of the first things to do is paste any error messages you receive in that process to this group.

Unless you are using the direct video upload (which I use for BlackVue’s, not sure if available for GoPro) then there will be a large amount of processing. The tools have to decode the movie to individual frames then geotag them even before the upload process. In my experience 2-3 hours of capture (perhaps 5-8GBytes of movies) may result in a similar processing time (I5 laptop at max operating temperature). If you have a large number/size of 360 videos it will all take many hours.


  • What OS?
  • Any installation/screen errors?
  • Do a tools process run only (not upload) having copied (and renamed) one of your 360 files. This will make it unique and not affect future work.
  • Paste log screen errors to this group.