Mapillary Tools v0.9.3 is available on PyPI now

Hey all,

Since mapillary_tools v0.9.3 mapillary_tools will be released on PyPI. To install or upgrade to latest:

pip install -U mapillary_tools

What’s new

Here we introduce two important changes. To check the full changelogs: Release v0.9.3 · mapillary/mapillary_tools · GitHub

Support uploading GoPro/BlackVue/CAMM videos in one go

Instead of processing your videos locally:

mapillary_tools video_process_and_upload --geotag_source=gopro /gopro/videos

You can simply upload them for server processing:

mapillary_tools upload --file_types=gopro /gopro/videos
# or blackvue
mapillary_tools upload --file_types=blackvue /blackvue/videos
# or CAMM
mapillary_tools upload --file_types=camm /camm/videos
# or all of them
mapillary_tools upload --file_types=backvue,gopro,camm /videos

NOTE: this feature is in beta so please keep videos local until they are correctly shown on the map.

Fixed a sequence ordering bug

This bug occurs when your images are not named by capturing order (i.e. IMG_001.jpg, IMG_002.jpg etc). Your images will be cut into multiple short sequences (that contains a few images). This bug was introduced in v0.8.1

Have a great weekend

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Does the gopro video processing also work for 360 video?

It should, however there will be some stitching issues. We are working on fixing it.

The other 360 videos are supported. For example these are captured by Insta360 TITAN Mapillary