After upload of a short sequence, showing images incorrect as 360 view?

After uploading several short sequences (using android app), it shows the images with these large green circles indicated with ‘360 view’ on the mapillary map? Why is that, seems incorrect. These are normal pictures taken with a mobile phone and not with a 360 cam.

e.g. for example

Me too yesterday.
And to reach the mandatory 20 characters, I must say that I have lost the courage to report every error I encounter. and the following 6 pictures. and dozens of surrounding pictures.
Sequence zCBQmA-8QcUG5g1m2qoPKw probably not a 360° panorama but rather a wide angle picture. ->

It is on the github yet…

Thanks for pointing to this @micmin1972 and @benthomas! As @filipc said, the issue is tracked here: We’ll be making sure to fix the bug.

Altogether, when it comes to issues and bugs, the GitHub repo and are more appropriate for reporting than the forum. The forum is the best place for general discussions, sharing ideas and experiences.