List of supported sign detections + own training data submission

Hey guys,

looking at previous similar questions there doesn’t seem to be much (if any) interaction on such topics, but I’ll give it a try nevertheless:

  1. Is there a list (per country?) of supported/detectable traffic signs?

I guess I could utilize the API to read all detected ones in a larger area per country and count their total VS the existing number of signs, but … it would be easier to just have an “official” list. Not sure though Mapillary handles signs on country level at all and maybe just has a bunch of global signs?

  1. Is there a way to submit sign data for signs currently not supported/detected?

Thanks: Lars

Official sign list is in the documentation:

This list is global and there is no subset for different countries. For example, signs with writing STOP and PARE are treated as two different versions of same sign regardless of their location.

For second question I have no answer. Perhaps contacting the staff directly is the only option.

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Thanks Tanel, this explains why country specific signs are not detected. Is there some feature-request section somewhere (quite the Mapillary newbie here)?

There is support request form: