Trying to fetch traffic signs directly instead of object

My objective is to fetch traffic signs. I’ve tried various different resources from Mapillary Blogs and Forums. But they seem to only have a API link for object detections. I’m trying to narrow my results to only traffic signs. I know traffic signs is included in objects but filtering it out maybe a problem because I’m not sure what values to filter out. If anyone could provide some guidance that would be much appreciated. I will list links below of resources of what documents, blogs, and forums I’ve implemented in my task. I’ve tried sequences and also bounding boxes.
API Endpoints- API Documentation
Tutorials 1 and 2- Mapillary API: FAQs

Thank You

You can check out the list of traffic sign values here:

Since we have an object_values filter for the /map_features API endpoint, you can use the wildcard (*) to filter for just the traffic signs using this parameter and the traffic sign prefixes: