What about Traffic Signs and Point Features?

A week ago it finally processed into my sequences. Today I find that no Traffic Signs and Point Features were detected. Has the extraction functionality been disabled, is it taking longer, or what is actually going on with it?

Can you share a link where you are seeing this? cc: @adalvit

I forgot to add that I mean objects detected and added to OSM. You can preview them in Rapid/iD, in edit mode, turn on the Mapillary layer, and by selecting the objects there, you can see which photo it comes from. It’s similar in JOSM. There are no detected objects on any of the streets I drove through that never had a Mapillary while recording the sequence. e.g. “Stanisława Augusta” street in Warsaw (Poland)

I found out that objects appear 3-4 weeks after processing is completed. I can confirm that I have started noticing these objects in some of my sequences.

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How to report incorrectly detected road signs? Different sign on the map than in the photo?

No easy way, you can try emailing support.
I also found object detection quite slow over the last year or so