Why do some clearly detected traffic signs not show up on the map?

Here are a couple of examples…

The signs are clearly detected. Why don’t the show up on the map?

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Here’s some relevant recent info from another thread, don’t know if you saw it: Object detection not working - #6 by epicspongee

That answers why it may take a while to see detected signs show up on the map. But it doesn’t answer the question as to why signs clearly detected in the sequence don’t show up on the map.

More examples…

So… I’ve gone out and recaptured the sequences with the signs missing above. They finally show up now on the map. Don’t know why this was necessary. I still have collected new sequences with many signs detected but not displayed on the map. Beginning to wonder what value there is in contributing.

I’ve been in contact with support/zendesk about this subject. One comment received…

Put simply, it takes more time for object detections to propagate on Mapillary – they haven’t been missed.

I have my doubts - particularly after months go by and nothing shows up. You can see particular sequences where most of the detected signs show up on the map, but there are still a couple of detected signs in the very same sequence that never show. Why?

Here are more examples…