Map Features (traffic signs) disappearing from the Map and API?

We recently noticed that a traffic sign we had downloaded a few months ago was no longer showing up in the Mapillary map nor in the API.

Below is the example, where you can see an 80km/h and a 60km/h traffic sign identified in the photos (taken from 2022). The 80km/h traffic sign was amongst the signs downloaded, but when we went back and check it had disappeared from the map and also from the API, but still showing up as identified in the image. Actually, the 60 one still shows up but from older imagery. If you filter the map for 2022 as start date, it won’t show up either in the map.

I don’t know how widespread this is, but it’s a very big deal for us who are trying to build traffic sign inventories for a few cities. We ran a comparison of the traffic signs dataset we had downloaded for Rio de Janeiro back in May and found that the new one had 234 traffic signs less than the one downloaded 2 months ago. Here is another example where you can see a bunch of traffic signs in the pictures, but not showing up in the map any longer (they were in the older dataset we downloaded).

@boris or @tao not sure if you had already identified this, but if not, for you to be aware.

Here’s the list of the 234 traffic sign IDs that are no longer showing up in the map, in case helpful for the debugging.

Thank you for the detailed report @canales.

@abalys , @tao - let us know if you’re able to take a look.