Traffic Sign Recognition. Working or no?

So… I’ve been experimenting with Mapillary to see if it might be useful for my purposes. Before spending time and money (for equipment) on it, I decided to give it a whirl with just my cell phone camera. Right now I’m most interested in Mapillary’s traffic sign recognition ability. So with that in mind, I went out and collected and uploaded a handful of sequences to see what would happen. There are roads around me that have been captured (early 2020) in one direction only. So, I created sequences running the opposite direction to see if Mapillary would capture/detect the signs facing in the other way. My test sample cases appear to have all struck out. The sequences didn’t produce any new sign detections displayed on the map.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Mapillary can see and detect the signs…

This spawns questions. What’s the criteria for getting signs recognized and added to the map? If detected, do the signs always get displayed? Or is it possible that something is wrong with the frames (with signs clearly recognized) that causes them not to used. Is there something that I did wrong with the capture that caused failure?

It takes time for the detections to appear - up to few weeks. As far as I can tell, all detections end up on the map eventually.

So - if I understand you correctly - they don’t necessarily show up when “Map Update” processing has been completed. It can be some time (weeks) after before they actually show up. Sound about right?

Yes, the map update processing means that the pictures are on the map, but the detections take more time. For example, my images from 16th september don’t have detections yet, but ones from 4th september do have them.

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Yes Indeed. Traffic sign detections have begun to show up on my sequences. I noticed a few appear yesterday. A few more today. Cool. Thanks.