Feature request: Flag incorrect traffic sign detection


I find that the traffic sign detection sometimes mis-detects the signs, for instance, a weight limit sign being detected as a speed limit sign.

Would it be possible to have some way of flagging incorrect sign detections, so that any machine vision systems can be retrained?

An example. in the UK: weight limit sign being detected as a speed limit sign. They’re both white circular signs with a red border, both of them start with a black numeral, but a 5 tonne limit sign has the letter T


I’d expect a signed-in user to be able flag a traffic sign detection as a different category of traffic sign, or not a traffic sign at all. (I’ve seen car wheels detected as height restrictions)


This would be great.

I’'d like to see something tied in with the sign detection game to be able to correct things or add a sign.



Great suggestion!

I would like to see something like “edit blurrs on this image”, but instead “edit signs on this image”. Both a way to delete sign detections entirely, and to re-tag the sign to a correct value.


Thanks for the suggestions! We are working on more opportunities for you to give feedback to our system. Stay tuned!


I often see signs detected incorrectly and think it would be a good opportunity to fix them and help the algorithm. As this post is >1y/o, has there been any progress on this issue or have I missed it?