False Positives - how to flag?

Hi, seems like mapillary is counting the house number signs as speed limit signs generating a 120 km/h speed limit on a residential road.

  1. The sign doesn’t even look like a speed limit sign in Canada
  2. 120 km/h is definitely wrong (there is no speed limit above 100km/h in Ontario)

How can we flag this so it doesn’t show up?

I have wondered this same thing, also with flagging blurring errors.

Also this one is clearly wrong https://www.mapillary.com/app/?focus=photo&pKey=FbJkG6SBOtXhSfMra715CA&signs=true&lat=45.28176666666667&lng=-75.7255777777778&z=17&x=0.5735203727400309&y=0.5321893325392815&zoom=0.5383747178329571