Canadian (Ontario) speed limits seem not well recognized

Speed Limit signs in Canada/Ontario/Ottawa seem to be not recognized well. I have sign detection turned on, but generally the automatic sign dectection cannot interpret what this sign means.

Any idea how to get recognition to work? I want to add the local speed limits to OSM, but it will be a lot of work if I have to manually review every mapillary image sequence by hand.

Is there some number of verifications needed before it goes in production? Mapillary

It looks on the training that they are already trying to recognise the signs. Perhaps those signs are not enabled for your area? No matter what, the more training data you provide, the better it will get.

If I know doing more training will help, then I will ask people to jump on it. Can we get an official word from Mapillary on this?

I’ve been checking some random places worldwide, and it looks like there are hardly any streetsign detections after September 2017. Maybe they are waiting to get better training results before running detection automatically on all uploads?

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Hi @mdarwin thanks for the feedback and the offer to help us with generating training data. As I mentioned in the tweet, we are currently working on a update. With this update, the Canadian speed limit will be better recognized. To maximize the efforts of more training data, you can wait with sending us more verification/training data before the update is done.

@pbb traffic sign recognition is constantly running for all uploads. Can you share a few links where we miss traffic signs? I would like to check if it is a bug in the scheduling or if it is related to the detectors. Thanks!

What I did was I enabled showing traffic signs, and I used the date filter (which also applies to traffic signs) to filter out different time periods, and then I noticed that after September 2017 there were far less traffic signs on the map. No specific areas, I tried several locations around the globe. But maybe there has just been a general reduction in the number of photos being taken from that time. (Would be logical, since that is the start of the autumn/winter in the Northern hemisphere.)

How is the update to speed limit signs coming? They still seem to be missing in places that there are clear signs, eg Mapillary