Traffic Sign Game - Link To Image?

Is there a way to get to the image on the map to remove blurs? It looks like the images are scanned sans blurs. Some come up in the traffic sign game. Obviously it’s something that shouldn’t be blurred. Do we have a way of knowing the image so we can pop it open in the browser? Or could someone add a link to make it easy for everyone? Something else? Thanks


And maybe something simlar for these sort of signs that are edge cases?

The skip is handy. But being able to put in a note may be handy too? As you know, each state has it’s own traffic signs and they’re not always consistent in design. More so in this case, this sign in most if not all states is an advisory, not a speed limit.

The same with a sign like this. Technically it’s not a speed limit sign but warning of a change in the speed limit ahead.

There is no easy way, but since you already have the developer console open:
Keep it open on the Network tab. When you press a choise more stuff is loaded.
Look at default.jpg - those are the images we are looking at.
Find the one you want. Right click, Copy, Copy link address. Then you get something like,1227,375,375/full/0/default.jpg
Here FneYZh35bqIObXVsGCta2w is the Mapillary key. You can paste it into the address bar in a normal Mapillary session and get to the image.

Mapillary could just make a link. I suggest you file a feature request at which they will look at for sure.

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