Sorting out Traffic Signs - Speed Limits - Traffic Sign Game

Is this a thumbs up? Or is it thumbs down? It is a speed limit but only for vehicles over a certain weight that qualify as trucks. The speed limit for most users is 45MPH at that point, not 35 MPH.

I’d say thumbs down. From a computer vision point of view it’s wrong because it says “trucks” above the number, not “speed limit”, and from a user point of view it’s wrong because the general speed limit is 45, not 35.

Now this one is really a problem for me. But to be honest, this one a ridiculous way of signing. I see this as a “bike lane” sign, with a separate, unrelated, “ends” sign underneath. As a human, I have trouble interpreting this sign, so no surprise this is a problem for computer vision.


@allen :-1: for yours since as noted above, it’s not really the same.

@pbb :+1: for yours since this game is about pattern recognition only (“what is it that you see”?), it will be the task of subsequent steps down the line to figure out how to interpret what we see here. And personally, I agree it’s a really “genius” way here to convey bike lane ending :joy:

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On second look, I am certain this bike lane is actually named “Ends”. :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I’m so used to the bike lane ends example that I didn’t think anything of it. Yes, they’re 2 seperate signs. Unfortunately cutting corners on some of these things seems to be the norm.

My pet peeve is when they squeeze a bike lane inbetween a turn lane and a traffic lane. Minnesota liegislature, like most states, enacted a 3 foot passing law for cyclists. This bike lane can’t exist; you can’t have a cyclist in it and anyone pass on either side.

IMHO sharrows make so much more sense; K.I.S.S.