Traffic Sign In Trenton ( the AI's are cheating )

I don’t really believe that those AI guys are cheating. But this incorrect traffic sign shows that they’re pulling some traffic sign data in from someplace. There is no way:

a) That the AI reads a car tire as a 31MPH speed limit
b) That the AI would think that any US city would have a 31 MPH speed limit.

I caught this since for some reason on a recent drive through Trenton, Tennessee I didn’t drive past a speed limit sign. The town is known for it’s unique 31MPH speed limit. Usually locals have a 25 or 30 MPH speed limit.

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Ooooh, the plot thickens. Here they flag it as 30MPH when it’s 31MPH!

Whatever is going on exactly, it makes a lot of sense to do… almost. Except for here in the tea pot capital, Trenton, TN, USA. :smile:

Unlikely, AI can see weird stuff in images we don’t expect it to see

What you see there is not a speed limit sign. It is a height limit sign.
See here:

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Good catch. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((