Report incorrect Traffic Sign detections? pt 1

Map Data > All traffic signs shows several incorrect detections : a 30km/u zone is detected as 20km/u , or a sign prohibiting entry to quad-bikes is interpreted as denying entry to all motorcycles : one can open one of the three thumbnail images in a new tab, but that view lacks the option to report an incorrect detection.

There is a thread at Feature request: Flag incorrect traffic sign detection - #9 by tastrax , which over the past six years has had assurances ‘that something would be done’ added : it would seem sensible to stop pondering the absolute best way, just implement a quick and dirty ‘report image’ option , with a text box to add text “this is a 30km/u zone”. ?

Reply to myself? Yes, and then edited my reply.

Clicking one of the sample thumbnails sometimes does, at other times doesn’t, open a full-frame version, complete with the ‘image options’ icons : could there be different options presented with my / other pics?

edit : that’s correct, found an object detected both in my and in another contributor’s pic* : would suggest ‘my’ pics should -apart from the delete option- also allow to report incorrect detections - after all, I’m most likely to know what I saw?

By the way, it would be also helpful if one had the option, when editing, to strike-through the replaced text, perhaps underline added words?

Met als immer vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with as ever friendly greeting’),

A lot has changed since that last thread, I don’t see how this feature will ever be offered.
It would require further moderation checks, and Mapillary are trying to make the whole thing as hands off as possible without human intervention.
There used to be a detection trainer where you could choose if the model recognised the sign correctly, but seems to be gone.
Still, I’ve not seen such incorrect detections in a while