Extremely low detection rates of some important traffic signs

While overall traffic sign detection works quite well, unfortunately there are still some outlying traffic sings. Especially, the yellow give way or regulatory--yield--g1 sign, like the SE:B1 in Sweden or PL:A-7 in Poland are still detected as false negatives. White give way signs seem to be of no issue. Since this is a right of way sign, the lack of this sign could be considered more than just an annoyance.

Furthermore, the no traffic or regulatory--road-closed-to-vehicles--g3 sign also seems to suffer proper detection, especially when inside another sign.

In my opinion traffic signs should be limited or prioritized by country.
For example, in Germany we do not have this kind of yellow signs at all.
But on my tracks, I do have a lot of such incorrectly detected signs.
It would be nice, to allow correction of such incorrect signs via web frontend.

Thank you for the feedback. We’d like to improve detections over time. Right now we are working on some infrastructure pieces that will make this easier to accomplish later on. Thank you for your patience with the current detection models in the meantime.