Link to new uploader broken

Both Windows an MacOS just gives 404 error.

It’s gone. See blog post.

Things we are retiring or pausing

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  • The Web Uploader - Please use our Desktop Uploader or CLI tools for uploads outside the mobile apps

@eneerhut Imho, this is a mistake and I hope it is going to return in one form or another. For example, YouTube seems to have been coping fine with a web uploader ever since. Granted, YouTube’s situation is a bit different because they basically accept just one (usually quite big) file per upload and thus it is a bit easier to handle on the backend side of things. Nevertheless, I think that a web uploader is still one of the most user friendly ways to get people started to contribute content. It is not good enough for everybody but it definitely is the solution with the lowest barrier to entry.

Having said that, I am quite disappointed that the Mapillary v4 API still does not specify an upload mechanism for people (probably mostly organizations) to integrate into their software infrastructure and workflow.

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I meant the desktop uploader Mapillary cookie policy use but they have fixed it now :slightly_smiling_face: