Desktop Uploader Issue

Anyone having trouble logging in to the desktop uploader? I get invalid credentials despite changing password and being able to get into everything else.

I even can’t open the mapillary site.

Things should be back to normal now. Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues.

Looks like everything is working fine now.

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I’m trying to upload with the new windows uploader software but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

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@ligfietser what’s happening (or not happening) exactly? Is it opening? can you log in?

Yes I can log in. I can select a folder. Then it shows this:

I cannot click on upload, nothing happens. It gets stuck in prepared for upload?
In the logfiles I see this:

Ah, I found out it does not support 360 images from the Insta360 one camera. Photos shot with my Canon compact camera I can upload.

@Brenna I have uploaded an image so the developers can check out what went wrong:

Thanks @ligfietser-- I’ll let you know when they have a chance to test this out!

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What can also help when it seems stuck is the task manager. Alt Ctrl Del.

That is not the case here, the app does not crash. Pictures made with another camera I can upload.