Mapillary uploader white screens when uploading a ton of photo/videos

I want to upload ~180GB of photos and videos taken in Europe, but when the uploader is “Preparing for upload”, at one point it white screens with no more usage of anything reported in the Task Manager. I’ve tried to upload these medias straight from my microSD and from my WD Caviar Black, but none changed anything. What can I do?

Does it work if you try a smaller number of images/videos first? What about if you select folders vs files or vise versa? cc: @nikola for ideas.

Seems like only when going to upload a small number of files work. Dropping a small number of folders or a small number of files works

I see, do you know whether larger uploads were working correctly for you in earlier releases of Desktop Uploader? Or is this the first time you’re trying larger uploads?

No, it’s the first time I’m having this issue. I have a Microsoft 365 subscription for !TB of OneDrive, maybe I could upload all the files to it, then share it to see if it’s an issue with my device?

Hi! Can you just share the logs from the uploader? (they’re in Help → Logs) We might be able to see any errors that could lead to a crash there. Thanks!

Sure, here they are: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Thanks! It looks like it crashed when trying to load the locations for all the selected videos/images to show them on the map. It might have been too much to handle in one session. Uploading in smaller batches should be safer. BTW, maybe you could try the public beta version available in Try New Video Format Support (& ExifTool) in the the Desktop Uploader Beta This one has a number of improvements and could provide a better upload experience.

Thanks I’ve just downloaded it, I’ll keep you informed if this works or not :slight_smile:

Thanks, the new beta version indeed fixed the issue, I have now uploaded all of the 180GB of photos and videos (sorry for your servers haha)

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That’s awesome! Very happy to hear it! Keep it coming! The more the merrier :slight_smile: