iPhone-App not starting after recording until full memory


driving into vacation I recorded the whole drive until the memory of the iPhone was full. Now I wanted to upload all the pictures, however the app is not starting anymore. Even after rebooting the iPhone I only get a black screen for some seconds when starting Mapillary before the app closes automatically.

I am running Mapillary 5.10.2 on iOS 17.4.1.

Is there any chances to upload the pictures or do I have to reinstall the app?

Thank you for any help

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cc: @Anders

Thanks for reporting and apologies for the app not opening @Mapitizer. I don’t know if the problem is that there is no free disk space, or if it’s taking too long because of too many sequences on your phone.

For testing the first theory, would it be possible to free up some space on the phone temporarily? For instance, delete some other apps that have no local data and are safe to delete and that you can download and install again.

Hello @Anders and thanks for helping. It is an iphone 11 from the office so that the only personal app is actually mapillary. I could remove Garageband wit >1GB, reboot and close all apps, but each time after 20 seconds with mobile data on and off it closes the app automatically as well as when using a mobile hotspot from another phone with wlan, nothing helps.

I have 64GB of memory where 61.83 GB are used. Mapillary uses 38.61 GB.