Historical street view

Hi all,

I made a test run with using Mapillary to create historical street view of historical images of a place. http://www.revolve.fi/blog/2016/05/25/historical-pasila-steps-towards-historical-street-view/.

The actual street view part needs more attention. I would like to correct the sequence or suggest matching points. Any help would be appreciated!

I am involved in a project Wikimaps for crowdsourcing rectification of historical maps in the context of Wikimedia Commons. I am now planning to focus on the workflow for geolocating images: Uploading historical street images in batches from archives to Wikimedia Commons, crowdsourcing the rough location, and creating a street view in Mapillary. If you are interested, let’s do it together!

Thank you @soren_johannessen and @peter for great reference: http://www.microformats.dk/2016/02/15/maptime-copenhagen-billedehalloj-pa-nationalmuseet-13-februar-2016/


That looks like very nice pictures! Yes, you probably need to relocate that a little bit - we are right now finishing the next version of our editor that will let you do that nicely. It will be out in a few weeks.

Meanwhile - yes we are interested in a smooth workflow around historical images, so please keep us in the loop - I can even get you a preview of our new upload tool soon that lets you position pictures while uploading.


That would be great!


I’ve also been uploading some historical photos. It’s really cool to use Mapillary to see the old situation merge into the new. One example is this sequence: http://www.mapillary.com/map/s/b5roAYZNKdve0_GHUW-0Zw