Galaxy S7 - horrible quality

The photos I take with my Samsung Galaxy S7 are absolutely horrible quality. They look like they’ve been 10 times through some sharpening filter. Every sharp edge has a triple or quadruple halo. No other photo app is producing photos like that on the same phone. The sequences I took at the exact same time with my LG G5 like fine.



Does anybody else have these experiences?

Nowadays I try to avoid my S7 because the underboards on the streets signs are hard to read.
I should compare it with other apps or cameras, but there is so much to test that I do not begin testing.

I use two S7s and a S6. I can’t see any difference in picture quality.
I went to your link and they look very sharp to me.

Since the difference may not be immediately obvious, here are 200% zooms of both photos.

Galaxy S7:

LG G5:

I see there is a (closed!) issue at the bugtracker for this:

Hi guys,
same problem here :’(
Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7, Mappilary app 3.95 default settings

In settings (on the app) in camera change the default to the infinity focus choice. I found this helps with the S7s.

I switched to an also bad action cam. I found a place with quick upload speed.

This bug is a frustrating one and linked to the way Samsung processes and image before it can be retrieved using their API. Our Android developer has made the issue known to them to see if we can get the raw image instead of this awfully processed one.


It seems to be fixed - I don’t have that problem with my S7

I changed to “Force the use of the legacy Camera API” on.

I had this problem with an S7 too. I went back to using my S5 on version 3.27 which has taken over 1 million images for Mapillary now.

On the S7 I will try the legacy API option in the latest version and see if it helps.

I suppose the issue still has not made it to the help pages.