Black bars. _______---________

I am increasingly receiving black bars. They have already been talked about here. But is there an explanation ?
Samsung Galaxy S7.

I had the bars too, the cause was a slow sd card. Try to capture with internal storage, if the problem is gone then it´s the slow sd card. Mine was ok for a year, then began to get slower.
I also noticed that you use api v2 on the Galaxy S7, which gives you bad image quality. Try to force use of the legacy api in the developer settings, it will improve your pictures a lot.

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I removed some apps and did maintenance on the smartphone. There were no problems yesterday. But then again, it was not so hot.

OK, from today 11 june, I try the legacy API.

Are you sure my recent pictures are so bad and can be improved ?

Hmm, on my SGS7, it seems to me that I get better pictures with API2 enabled…

I checked some of filipc’s pcitures, and yes, they certainly suffer from the bad implementation of api v2. Pictures look like some some software filter is applied with the hardest settings. My S7 does the same if I use api v2. With legacy api, pictures are as great as one would expect from this phone.
Since Samsung uses 2 different sensors on S7, one from Sony and one from Samsung, maybe not all S7 behave the same. Some might even work ok with api v2. But mine and filipc’s S7 only work correct with legacy api.

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my S7 works much better witrh legacy API. The black bars have not totally dissapeared.

Now I can even read the bus line tags =
To see all =[]=filipc

Then I shot two days with a Samsung GS9+ 256 G =[]=filipc&dateFrom=2018-06-14&dateTo=2018-06-15

Then I lost my job as a van driver.

So I seems that I am the world champion in making bad pictures =

  • 5 million because Samsung lied ?
  • 500.000 because my Garmin Virb XE action cam is not fit for the outdoors.

Can someone nominate me for the Guinness book of records ?