Broken sequence rendering display

Have a look at this:

Hope You see also what Im seeing: broken triangles black or with moire.
It is happening only with my Gopro 7 sequences. And only part of them that were made around july 2019.
It is clearly a rendering problem, because I can download orginal photo and it is not broken. Also bject detection works fine. Maybe just need to re-process them again? I could flag this kind of buggy sequence when I find them but how?

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yeah, I think I reported this before, and it’s still only your sequences that I’ve seen this on

Maybe just switch of lens correction for that specyfic sequences?
It was probably something with mapillary post processing at that time. My upload workflow stays hadn’t changed a bit and now the sequences are good.

I also have the problem. But the whole picture is visible for a moment before the black sets in. So I have no problem with it.
I don’t think I have moiré.
I use a Gopro Hero 7 Black also.

I think its the geometry correction fault. If you look at the corner of the corrected pictures that I uploaded early in 2019 they have bend in opposite direction.