Bad sequences near Ādaži, Latvia

There are some weird/bad sequences near Ādaži, Latvia - notice the back-forth lines.

Now, these are my sequences. And I’ve used the same tools and process as always - so it must be some external glitch (maybe related to a specific version of mapillary_tools?).
Nothing I could fix myself - could somebody from Mapillary please help fixing these?

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Hmm, more of these at Mapillary and Mapillary - very likely elsewhere for sequences I’ve uploaded in that time period.

Same problem here

It´s one day later, 7.7. and the many senseless connecting lines are the same, as is the problem with pictures upside down. Are you also on Android beta program? I am, maybe there was a bug in the beta Andoid app on that date.

Oh, I just saw that you shot with GoPro, and there are also some of my sequences shot with Yi Action that have the problem, so Andoid app can`t be the reason.

Yeah, those are GoPro, uploaded with mapillary_tools.
Did you upload from the mobile app?

On 7.7. I took some pictures with Android App, uploaded with Android app. These pictures are upside down now and the sequences have all the connecting lines. On the same ride I also took pictures with Yi Action cam and these were processed and uploaded with mapillary_tools. They are not upside down, but also have all the connecting lines. You took pics with GoPro, uploaded with mapillary_tools, and they are upside down and have the lines. So, I conclude that tools / app was not the problem, but the processing on Mapillary side had some bugs at that time.

Yep, quite definitely a serverside bug. Wondering how to best make this visible for Mapillary :slight_smile:

I have seen this kind of thing a few times recently, but they all disappeared after a week or so

I joined the forum to find a way to troubleshoot this. My first problematic sequence was shit on 7 Jul and it’s still not fixed unfortunately. Any ideas where to go next?


I just checked this again. The connecting lines are gone meanwhile, but still there are pictures upside down on some of the sequences mentioned above.
Two examples:

Can someone take care of these?