What is going on with lens correction?

Im using Gopro 7 and now 8 to record sequences. Mostly in wide “fish eye” mode. Some time ago the correction was quite accurate like here:

(this one was cropped in postprocess to get rid of the car hood)

or very good correction when uploaded in orginal res:

But my recent upload are getting more “cusion” warping which is not correct, like here:

or even city bicycle sequence with plenty of architecture straight lines to calculate proper correction

Would be great to get around automatic and define proper lens corection manually. Would be better also for point cloud generation I guess?

…or would be great to switch it off and also transition which is only visual gadget and slowing down navigation and search for certain moment in sequence.


Same problem here with my GoPro Hero 8. Before, it used to be accurate, now it isn’t anymore.

@Filp1p @masterofnoroad Thanks for flagging this, we will investigate if it is bug on our end or somehow related with GoPro Hero 8’s firmware.

I just modified my workflow with exiftool to replace camera model in exif and now its working fine.

I am also seeing this with GoPro HERO8 Black.

While asking a different question, I realized that the main reason why my camera’s sequences look so “fisheyed” is because Mapillary seems to apply the wrong correction to this model. I have used various settings and they are all equally incorrect. I do not believe this has anything to do with camera’s firmware (as far as I now understand, Mapillary only uses the camera model to determine what correction is applied). Looking at recent uploads, other GoPro models like 7, 9, or 10 appear to have pincushion distortion applied (cancelling fisheye) while 8 has barrel distortion applied (making it even more fisheyed).

I believe the calibration data for this camera was added in this commit, specifically the camera_calibration.yaml for this model. This does match OP’s February photos being fine but later April’s photos not being fine. (But I might be wrong depending on what release was used, when they were actually uploaded, and when and how or if Mapillary applies correction retroactively.)

I will continue to tag my photos with the correct make and model EXIF tags and hopefully Mapillary can reprocess the images at a later date.

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