Why is the image quality so much worse in the app?

Compared to going to the website, the image quality in the app is bad once you zoom in. What’s the reason for this?

In case it’s to reduce mobile data consumption when viewing images, could there be an (op-in) option to get the maximum possible image quality (at least when on wifi)?

Two example images I made using split-screen and a similar zoom level from mapillary.com in the android chrome browser and the Mapillary Android app where you can see the difference well:

I think it’d be good if you need some details in the distance using the app to have an option for hi-res images.

More importantly why does that bush have a face?


Asking the real questions :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never thought about it, it’s been like that since I was a kid. If you go around the corner there’s another bushface :smiley:

Edit: Oh and I also noticed that there’s a pair of eyes watching me the whole sequences in this car :smiley: (It’s the nozzle for the windshield washing fluid)


@cageythree good spot. Apparently this is a relatively straightforward fix on our side so it should be something you see resolved in the next update.

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Having just returned from a place where there is no internet with 40Gigs of images …

I suggest a low rez image option for mapillary users in places where internet availability is low or slow.

possible work flow

  1. mappillary checks local internet speed
  2. mappillary evaluates upload speed
  3. mappillary informs user of speed and anticipated upload times( no guarantees!)
  4. if upload speed is slow
  5. then mapillary preprocesses images and reduces rez of images and uploads
  6. if upload speed is okay
  7. upload full size

I am continually disheartened by the mapillary coverage map… the places that need mapping most are the most empty… I argue that ONE of the many reasons there is poor coverage in many areas that users get disheartened very quickly when the internet upload is very slow.

Mapillary can address slow internet issues AND mapping by reducing the image upload size. Yes, resolution is lost but 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

It is in the settings, but the user has to decide.
Most people prefer to decide for themselves.

Thanks, I found what you were talking about settings> camera > resolution