App not taking low resolution images

I take low resolution images because my internet connection is slow. I usually upload overnight while I sleep but had a few outages which didn’t help.

Ever since I updated to the new interface the app refuses to take low res images. My SD card filled up and I have been missing out on shots taken.

It will probably take about 2 weeks to upload them as internet in Australia is shitty.

I have just swapped out the 16GB SD card for a 64GB one but that will just mean uploading will take 8 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

My issue: I took 3 images, one set low, nothing set and hi res mode in the capture settings and they are all around the same file size, 5312 x 2988 (15.87 megapixels) and JPEG, quality: 90, subsampling ON (2x2).

Before that my low res images were something like 1280 x 720 resolution and a few hundred kilobytes.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had problems with this before I reset and see if it is just me.

Device used is a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I had the same problem when borrowing a wifi network in Egypt, a few months ago. They are mostly connected to DSL connections, which are lousy in that country.
I bought a pre-paid local sim card and uploaded via 3G/4G, and that worked much better.
Any chance that you can do the same?

I have reset Mapillary and also uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem still exists.

That does not fix the problem.

Surprisingly 4G wasn’t much faster. You have to realise this is Australia were talking about and I’m probably uploading to the other side of the world. No last mile connections will make the connections to other continents better.

Is there any chance you could ask a company with a fat sea cable connection to either US or Europe, if you could borrow their wifi now and then?

I don’t know how the Android app works, but maybe if you have multiple sd cards, would it be possible to have one in the shooting phone, and one in your computer? A computer that’s always on, uploading, shouldn’t be any problem. If that’s possible of course.

25GB uploaded in under 5 days, 23GB to upload and increasing the more I travel.

If I can’t go back to using version 3.27 or 3.34 then I will have to abandon contributing to Mapillary.

This raises a related issue: Are there more bottlenecks in the sea cables around the globe, that needs to be considered?
Should Mapillary set up more “upload servers” in different parts of the world, which quicken up the upload procedure? And later on sync to each other?
Of course it won’t speed up the time from shooting to publishing, but at least you’ll “get rid” of the pictures.

I have gone back to 3.27.

Issues are probably related with Build 344 broke the focus and other issues