Low res images option doesn't work

Since I cannot use the SD card and cannot free my phone’s memory thanks to the new ‘imroved’ uploader that hasn’t been able to upload the locked sequences for more than a month now, I decided to save memory by turning on the low res images option. No surprise there - it DOESN’T work. Each image is still taking up 2M of space. This new app just totally suck and nobody cares.


Ok. At some point the option activates. I don’t understand why it is not activated at once. You cannot guess when it starts to work. And you cannot switch quick between the low res and high res modes. It takes time which puts you out of control over the resolution.

But then there is another problem with the low res mode. For some reason, the pictures show up as panoramas. For example: Mapillary cookie policy use

Until all this is fixed, the option is useless.