Feature proposal: contact contributor

Small form to send a message directly to a contributor so that some problems are fixed.

Example: I’ve detected some problems a few weeks ago in some uploads in South America (sequences with pictures that are very distant from each other that are crossing countries and the Atlantic Ocean) and would like to talk to the contributor to solve the problem.


You can comment to an image of a user but not sure if the user will read it. And reaction on this forum is no solution also, since he/she maybe not part of this community. More direct communication would be desired, I agree .

But sequences with pictures that are very distant from each should be solved after some time automatically by the mapillary algorithms.

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I agree that it could be usefull to be able to contact a contributor private (everybody can see the comments you leave with a photo), but if everybody started using it to tell me what is wrong with my pictures, I would quit Mapillary immediatly.

They should receive an email with the comment included as long as their email is current and they read it.

But a contact contributor option would be nice.
Also I couldn’t find a way to report problems such as images or sequences, this could be added too.

I still have a few sequences I found where the image is rotated id like to easily report for example.

@Didz you can report rotated sequences via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/o2nCZrC2KKiezQJz1

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@katrin Yep I found another one of your comments about that in another topic not long after.

I reported a bunch of mine from a while ago right after that.