Where should I asked for a corrections to my web-uploads?


I just started using the web-upload for virb images, i did some tests and I managed to upload a number of images twice. Plus something went wrong at one point and one of the sequences links the last image with the first.

My questions are first: who to contact? Specially for beginners, this does not seem to be clear.

Second: is, how do you deal with these situations? how to fix oneself? Here @jaakkoh asked something related… Correcting several images on a sequence Did no seem to get anywhere…

I have been looking for a while on what I should do but I found nothing more than this forum where I could ask. Happy to hear if this was the wrong place to ask and what would have been the right way of action :slight_smile:



You can delete individual photos and whole sequences, and move individual photos and change their angles. Log into Mapillary, find your image, press the … icon in the lower right corner and Edit current sequence.
The changes will not take effect untill approved.

With regard to the 2nd question, I think the reply is not good. Via Google I found the repository: https://github.com/JOSM/Mapillary where it is possible to contribute code, report bugs and ask questions.

thanks a lot for your reply tryl!
there it was! Even knowing that it had to be somewhere, it was not obvious… I attach a picture for future stranded beginners :smile:

I will check on the JOSM plugin, it’s quite interesting!

Hi @eglatorre - hope this is working out for you now? Just wanted to let you know that there is always support@mapillary.com if you need any help. =)

Hi Katrin!
thanks for the email address! That is one I was looking for, and even now knowing what to look for I cannot find it. Yes my questions are now fully answered :).

Shouldn’t that support@mapillary.com be visible somehow specially through the user mapillary’s web-ui?

Now that I have noticed (it wasn’t obvious) that comment tool (above my little red square in the picture) and the edit tools with also commenting possibilities, I feel my needs are covered :). The support@mapillary is perhaps necessary to solve general questions.


@eglatorre, good point - I added the support email address to our wiki which basically our help section (linked from the main web). Thanks for noting!