Web Interface - Feature Requests

Given the interface changes, this thread is a place to add feature requests or the return of old features.

  • Ability to delete an image

  • Ability to delete sequence

  • Ability to ‘normalise’ sequence (especially useful for GoPro users if you forget to normalise on upload)

  • Ability to ‘offset’ sequence from ‘normalise’ (especially useful for GoPro users shooting at 90 and 270 degrees)

  • If features like this are not to be returned, then the ability to contact support from the interface with sequence or image numbers to request corrections.

  • Ability to split a sequence (for removing part sequences…ie driving onto private property)

  • Ability to filter your own (or all) sequences by dates

My reason for many of these requests is that I do long drives with multiple cameras and its a lot easier using the web interface to do edits rather than searching through thousands of images prior to upload to weed out odd bad images. At least with the web spatial interface I can remember where corrections need to be made.



Developers, we kindly ask you to add these features!
If not on the site itself, then at least in the Mapillary Desktop Uploader - so as not to overload your servers by editing already uploaded photos…
Or is there an unexplained reason why these features would be redundant EVEN in the Mapillary Desktop Uploader?

Ideally, of course, to see all this on the site - but I already despaired of believing in it… :pensive:

  • Ability to report a photo or a sequence which should not have been uploaded in the first place, even if that was done by someone else.

(I’ve been around the virtual blocks of online collaborative projects sufficiently many times that I know that it isn’t a question of if, but of when, the vandals and trolls discover the project.
Unless the project happens to die and be taken off the internets first).