Failed to sign-in with mapillary_tools on Windows

I tried to run “mapillary_tools_win64.exe”, then it returns “メールアドレスが認識できません: 入力されたメールアドレスはアカウントに登録されているものと異なります。” (Translation: Email address not recognized: The email address you entered is different from the one registered in your account.)

However, the email address I entered does work fine for signing in to the mapillary website.

What’s wrong?

Command line I used:
I:>C:\work\mapillary_tools_win64.exe process --advanced --import_path I:\test --user_name tankaru


  • mapillary_tools_win64.exe (Mapillary tools version : 0.7.4)
  • Windows 10 Home, build 19041.1083

I have teh same problem, when i tryed to LogIn in this forum with my email and pass, what i used in Phone app/and page.

in login page to forum, i hit the - restore password, and type the same pass that i used in app, and all works.

Try to reset passw.