Mapillary_tools upload working anymore?

Since 2-3 weeks there is always an error.
Now I use the the new upload app, but it slows downs windows in the first miinutes I can’t do anything else. That is no solution.

Let us know what the error is - we may be able to offer some advice on getting it working

You need the latest version of the mapillary tools, my own tool doesnt work any more because API v3 is out of order now.
I use the original Python scripts like this:

cd D:\Mapillary\mapillary_tools
C:\Python38\python.exe -m mapillary_tools process_and_upload --import_path “D:\Mapillary\DCIM” --user_name “moenk”

Werde ich mal probieren, bei cartaview nutze ich ja auch nur das python script, nur das ist soo langsam.

url open error Errno 10054

Just uploading the new version, but now I can’t log in.
“Error, user authentication failed for user wegavision”
I changed my password, but I can’t get in.
Also the svimik app dosn’t work anymore, everytime I get “Mapillary server returned error 503”

Only Mapillary account credentials (email and password) are valid for authentication in mapillary_tools . Other Mapillary login options (Facebook, OpenStreetMap, Google+, or ArcGIS) are not supported with mapillary_tools. svimik no longer works with the new api

Yes I know, I have just change my password on the mapillary site, so I use the right. I works on the site but not with mapillary_tools.

Have you tried the forced overwrite of the login as shown here?
(No idea why that command is not in the documentation)

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