Extension of the upload date period to the past

I uploaded photos taken in 1906.

The EXIF had the correct date on which the image was taken.
I was expecting that date to appear in the date field at the bottom right of Mapillary Web, but contrary to that expectation, that field shows the date I uploaded.

I believe that if the correct date of 1906 is displayed in this field, it will not confuse web viewers.
By all means, please improve so that the date obtained from the date and time information of EXIF is displayed in this column.

The following article summarizes how to obtain the photos :







I don’t know if the following is useful or valid.

When GPS systems came out they were referenced to the epoch date/time of 1/1/1980. Since Mapillary makes use of GPS data it may be that the “out of range” date had confused the software. It may have defaulted to using the upload date if it saw the GPS date as invalid.

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Thank you for the valuable information.

I understand that my experiment is stupid. But I couldn’t stop my urge.
And since the video owner agreed with my actions, I’m thinking of uploading more information like this.

Normal users will not upload 1970s photos.
I plan to upload these early 20th century photos to Mapillary 75 years after the actual shooting date.

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