The accuracy of location information has dropped to the 1m-1.5m unit during the processing from Desktop Uploader to the web

It was confirmed that the still images uploaded using the Desktop Uploader were rounded down from the location information given by EXIF ​​and the accuracy was reduced.

Does Mapillary plan to modify the system so that the highly accurate location information held by EXIF ​​information can be displayed on the Web as it is?

For EXIF ​​information, I manually assigned coordinates to give circular latitude and longitude, which is the actual position information at the time of shooting.
The information displayed immediately before Upload with Desktop Uploader is as follows.

The location information is as I intended.

However, when I browsed the Map after uploading, I found that it was rounded to the discretized position information as follows.
I piled up the maximum size grid that can cover all points.

When compared with the measured value, this grid is about 50 cm.
Since both longitude and latitude could be applied to the grid of the same size, it can be guessed that rounding is performed using the unit of distance instead of the degree of longitude and latitude.

The accuracy with which EXIF ​​information can be expressed is higher.
I also think that at least Desktop Uploader could handle the accuracy of that EXIF ​​information.

At what stage is the accuracy reduced to about 50 cm?
Are there any plans to improve this point?

Also, as a result of investigating with another sequence, it was found that the values ​​that can be taken by the still images uploaded by Desktop Uploader are rounded to two or three skipped values, not on all grids in 50 cm units. They become to 1m or 1.5m.
This shows that the Web actually holds quite less precision.

What is the bottleneck for this loss of accuracy?

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Thank you. That information reassures me.