Mapillary Web Uploader don't understand Lat/Lon?

So, this is weird.

I recorded some tracks in Brackley, UK last Saturday and in Lightroom Map module it tells me the images are in the correct location, and so does the gpx file of that route in Google Earth.

[Google Earth screenshot showing the GPX path in Brackley]

However, when I uploaded the images to Web Uploader, the location is wrong (i.e. the track is moved to Ipswich!).
Looks like the Latitude direction (West) is somehow interpreted as East and resulted in a mirror image of the track.

[Web Uploader screenshot]

I’ve seen this happened exactly 2 years ago and I reported it here: Lat/lon data mirrored during recording.
At that time it was assumed to be a bug in the mobile app, but the evidence here shows the bug is in the Uploader.

So, right now I’m unable to upload any images that I’ve recorded recently.

You might ask, why not just upload the images straight from the App? Well, on my Android app, I set the saving location to SD card (as my internal storage has not enough space). If I do that, then Uploads button, the screen is empty, as the Android app doesn’t seem to recognise images captured on the SD card. As a result, I have to copy the images onto my laptop and upload them.

Then you might ask, why not use the Desktop Uploader? Well, when I do that, the app does recognises the coordinates correctly but then it upload just hangs at 0 and never seem to be doing anything.

[Mapillary Uploader screenshot]

It seems to me the new owners of Mapillary seriously doesn’t want us to contribute anymore and the make the tools as difficult as possible to submit images.


It’s worth sticking your JPG file into an EXIF viewer to see what’s actually in there. Something like this one:

Have a look at what it has for the GPSLongitude value: it’s expressed as three rationals (fractions): deg, min, sec. See if it’s negative (west) where it needs to be.

Related issue here Mapillary_tools : sequence processing issue - in that case the zero seconds value was stored as 0/0: a divide-by-zero error that some tools took as zero (so showed the photo in the right place), while others got very confused.

Yes, I did check on exif-viewer and the coordinates looked fine, i.e.

GPSInfo 500
GPSLatitude 52/1, 2/1, 147027/3125
GPSLatitudeRef N
GPSLongitude 1/1, 9/1, 6484/6571
GPSLongitudeRef W

As I said in my original post, the tracks on Desktop Uploader after images were uploaded looked fine (but then it got stuck when it actually started uploading). When I checked one of the files in the logs, i.e. .mapillary\logs\2021_05_01_14_15_03_268_+0100 it shows the lat/lon as this:

"MAPCaptureTime": "2021_05_01_14_15_03_317", 
"MAPLatitude": 52.031961, 
"MAPSequenceUUID": "208c2725-db5c-45e2-ba25-f5e5797e7b87", 
"MAPLongitude": -1.1633924999999998

So it still looks to me like the problem is in the Web Uploader.

Agreed; looks fine (and I’d actually forgotten east/west is represented with a character, rather than negatives).