Time on website is 2 hours ahead or actual time

I have noticed that the time on the website is 2 hours ahead of the actual time the picture was taken. Look at the church clock in this photos for example.


This happens to many (if not all) of my sequences. When I look the jpeg the time is correct. Nice way to get an alibi though :wink: (I was not there…I was cycling)

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I guess you have UTC+1 normally and +2 with daylight saving time.
I guess the problem lies there

Can you explain that please?
I have the same “issue” (not that I care much about it), see https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/7XBJj3ZO4DE-0zVQX_4aEw
In the exif tags it says
DateTime - 2017:05:11 11:42:32
DateTimeOriginal - 2017:05:11 11:42:32
DateTimeDigitized - 2017:05:11 11:42:32
GPSTimeStamp - 9 42 33

The time of the photo is CEST (+2), the GPS time is (UTC/GMT). Mapillary’s time is even +4 UTC, 13:42. So this doesn’t make sense to me.

Same with me, only +7 hours