Time stamp on Photos


Why don’t our photos show the local time?


@jimwatana Can you give us a link to the image so we can investigate?


@yubin This was taken in the afternoon around 1300 according to Bangkok time. http://mapillary.com/map/im/p3zky7uZH84ytItkEooj2Q/photo
I think it might be set to the local time in Sweden.


@jimwatana Thanks for the link. In this case, it is actually displaying UTC for your photos. We will work for a fix for this.

To explain further, we always have UTC timestamps for photos from our apps, but we can’t ensure the timestamps from manual uploads (they are mostly local time we assume but it is not always true). We are currently displaying the timestamps directly so they can be either UTC or local time depending what is stored. We will need to find a way to handle this properly. Thanks for reporting this.


@yubin thanks for the reply.
Why would you want UTC time stamps on the photos? When people are looking at photo sequences of a specific area they should have the local info displayed, in my opinion. There must be a reason that goes beyond just looking at the photos. Otherwise it is just an inconvenience for the viewer. If it is do to a larger mapping integration then so be it. Either way, I was just curious and will just add seven hours if it is necessary! Thanks.


@jimwatana Sorry for not being clear. We prefer displaying local time as you do. Before we can do that, there is some technical issue we need to resolve on the database side so that things are consistent.


@jimwatana, here is a vid about how difficult it is to work with time zones; just so you know why @yubin will not have this fixed by tomorrow :wink:


@de_vries @yubin. I appreciate the feedback and excellent support received for this question.


Sometimes I use two cams when I am on a bicycle, a mobile phone for details in front and the LG 360 cam.
The upload from the mobile phone using mapillary app shows the correct (local) time on the website. The uploads from the LG 360 cam (using python and without editing exif data) do show a different time (1 or 2 hours difference). Anyone know why and how to solve?

The LG 360 is connected with another mobile phone but I checked it has the correct local time. Maybe the time zone is part of Exif data, and not saved in LG 360 cam pictures?