Correct time online?

I just added some historic images which I had geotagged manually. Unfortunately Mapillary did not pick up the time from the GPS Time tag, which is the only one my software (Geotag) is allowing me to set (yes, I can use exiftool).

Can I fix this online or do I have to remove the images, update the other tags and reupload?

@tryl can you give us a link to one of those images? We will take a look and see if we can fix on our end.

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One is:

On the original exiftool outputs:

File Modification Date/Time : 2015:10:05 11:09:41+02:00
File Access Date/Time : 2015:10:05 11:09:42+02:00
File Inode Change Date/Time : 2015:10:05 11:09:41+02:00
Modify Date : 2013:01:25 17:43:03
Create Date : 2013:01:25 17:43:03
GPS Date Stamp : 1977:06:01
GPS Date/Time : 1977:06:01 11:09:44Z

2015 is where I added GPS data.
2013 is when the image was scanned.
1977 is the year the image was taken and the date that should be used.

The one on Mapillary is either modify or create date.

Btw. a way to edit time online would be nice. I found a more precise date for some of the images, and now Søren Johansen is trying to coin “pastcatching” I will probably not be the last to whish that :smile:


@tryl Thanks for the link and the details. When we extract date/time for an image, we check the relevant fields in exif in a specific order and use the whichever one exists first in the ordered list.

DateTime Original
DateTime Digitized
Modify Date
GPS Date/Time

Therefore, we use ModifyDate for this image instead of GPS Date/Time. The reason is we are using this ordering is that we have seen images with wrong date/time in GPS Date/Time field. Unfortunately, we should have use GPS date/time for your images.

How many images have you uploaded? Would it be ok if you hide those images, edit the date/time in DateTimeOriginal and reupload?

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the info. Now I know the issue and then I can also fix it. I will start right away.

Yes. We will definitely think about adding datetime editing to the editor as a feature for these amazing historical images!!

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For myself an others in the future: All dates are easily set using exiftool using e.g.:
exiftool -alldates=“1977:06:01 11:09:44Z” IMG_0040.jpg

How to enter that code on Windows? I have installed exiftool and I have tried enter that code on cmd and warning “exiftool is not recognized as an internal or external command…” appear. I tried to run exiftool.exe, it is only show the information text and cant enter command. Please help, I dont have proramming backround and I cant find easy-to-understand tutorial on Google, and I really need change my photos date and time for upload on mapillary

You just need to put the directory with exiftool on your path - then it works from the command line.

First you need to find out where it is installed. It may be in c:\Program Files\exiftool or your may have put it in a folder yourself.

I think looks like it is a pretty good guide:

Find your path variable as described on the site. Add a ; to the value and then the path where exiftool.exe is located.
If the current value of the path variable is
C:\Program Files;C:\Winnt;C:\Winnt\System32
then it should look like
C:\Program Files;C:\Winnt;C:\Winnt\System32;c:\Program Files\exiftool
if exiftool.exe is located in c:\Program Files\exiftool

You can also just enter the full path to exiftool.exe, e.g.
“c:\Program Files\exiftool\exiftool” argument1 argument2 …
The " " are important here because there is a space in the path. If there is no space, they do not matter. You can also leave out .exe in the file name, as I have done.