Uploading individual images that are not geotagged

I thought I’d provide this if only so I don’t forget in future. I had some images that did not have EXIF data (they were not geotagged), but as they corresponded to notes on OpenStreetMap I knew their locations and times.

  • I downloaded exiftool for Windows from https://exiftool.org/ , renamed the extracted file to exiftool.exe, and added it to the system PATH
  • I obtained the date and time of the image
  • For the Latitude and Longitude which I had as decimal values (50.594830 N, 2.058760 W), I used Lat Long to DMS Converter (Decimal to Degrees Minutes Seconds) to obtain the degrees, minutes, and seconds values (50° 35’ 41.388’’ N, 2° 3’ 31.536’’ W)
  • In a PowerShell prompt, I entered the following
exiftool "c:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\New folder (2)\Saturday\96458 (1).jpg" -DateTimeOriginal="2022:06:04 12:54:00.000" -GPSLatitude="50  35  41.388 (50.594830)" -GPSLongitude="2  3  31.536 (2.058760)" -GPSLatitudeRef="N" -GPSLongitudeRef="W"
  • I then transferred each image into a separate directory, and dragged each directory in turn into Mapillary Uploader for uploading. I had to change the angle for each photo. I could presumably have included this in the exiftool command line, but I didn’t.

I am using some times Description - GeoSetter
not updated anymore but do still the job
Some video on you tube

Every time I use Geosetter, I have to relearn it.