Updating sequence date/time?

My GoPro reset its time without me realising, and now I have several sequences uploaded that are set to 1st January 2016. Is there a way to have these updated? Unfortunately I no longer have the images on my hard drive, but if all else fails I could download all the images individually, add the date/time, delete the sequence, then re-upload.

Exif time changer.
But the free version does not allow (anymore) to add (half) seconds with every picture.
But I don’t think that is a problem with Mapillary.

I hope there is a better free solution.

I think the last pictures I did that way are not visible on the map for another reason.

So there’s no way to update it without having to download, delete, change and upload? Seems annoying. I’ve written my own script to correct the times

No indeed.
Are half seconds possible, in exif ?
Maybe there is a place for your script in the Mapillary tools.

Yeah, mapillary will read subseconds from the DateTimeOriginal exif header I think. My script is a bit hacky at the moment but if enough people are interested I could clean it up