Adjust time offset of submitted photos

When I submit photos converted from videos+GPX files, I sometimes get the time offset wrong, but only notice after submission. It would be useful if there was a way to edit the time of a whole sequence of photos once they have been published - at the moment I have to submit a deletion request, reconvert the videos, and reupload the photos.

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Same happened to me, but with photos from a GoPro Hero 5 Session with no GPS receiver built in. Therefore positions from an external GPX track must be added using the command line uploader.

As the internal clock of the action cam is not always adjusted after being connected to the GoPro Desktop software, the time difference has to be figured out for every upload again and again.

The Mapillary app edit box for a sequence offers an angle change for the whole sequence, but no time shifting capabilities. Is it possible to include this in a future release?

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I use a Samsung note 8 because the embedded gps. I have tried to adjust the phone gps coordinates from an external Garmin GPS and was appalled at the clumsy available tools. I wrote my own using expensively purchased software. If you are not a geek then get a device with a builtin gps. Otherwise you will give up very quickly. Uploading is bad enough without the complication of syncing.

Fortunately this GoPro model is not mine, only borrowed for longer. It’s mainly a test if I want to own an action cam at all.

Apart from the time problems, the device provides much better photo quality than my smartphone and is also easier to attach to a bicycle. But the everyday handling of a GoPro Hero Session 5 is still a mix of bad firmware (sometimes it switches itself of for an unknown reason, sometimes is runs forever without me wanting this …) and buttons being too small to allow proper handling during riding.

And yes, I already worked with the Mapillary app, but it stopped working on my smartphone as it now never gets a proper GPS signal while other apps can live with the signal quality.

A GoPro Hero 7 Black is on my shopping list, but currently other items are higher on this list. :wink: