Online GPX editor

The new version of Mapillary no longer supports editing sequences. We need to make the GPS trajectory accurate before we upload the sequence.

This is a useful online GPX editor.

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I could also recommend this one:

BUT, gpx track editing is not always sufficient / applicable scenario. I would say in majority of scenarios, end users are dealing with a sets of images with GPS coordinates already embedded (captured via native app, or via Garmin/Gopro action-cams timelapse, or via numerous automotive dashcams).
For Windows platform users may consider using Geosetter to process&adjust image locations/directions prior to upload. Tool development seems to be on hold since end of 2019, but it still does the job well. If anyone could suggest any alternatives, esp. for Mac/Linux - other users will appreciate.


I use Geostter, but the zoom level is lower than it was in Mapillary so precision will be lower also.

Can you describe how you do sequence normalization? :blush:
(What could previously be done on the site in 2 clicks :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:)