Geotagging in different DST

This morning I was trying to process some images using mapillary_tools and was using the --local_time flag which states that images without time zone should follow the computers time zone.

It seems that it will just take the computers current offset from UTC. That means that my images which was taken when daylight savings time was in effect are attempted geotagged as if it is not in effect failing the process (fortunately).

Messing around with offsets is a pain so the --local_time is awesome. I will just wait for DST to go into effect to process these images :slight_smile:

I ended up taking my time and updating my scripts that runs Mapillarys scripts to take a time offset parameter. They are at for anyone interested.

In my case summer time, with DST in effect, is UTC+2 so Mapillarys script would take the value 7200 (the number of seconds in 2 hours = 2 * 60 * 60) to correct this. With DST not in effect Denmark is UTC+1 with is 3600.