Errors in blurring

Could just mail this to support, but believe it would be helpful to remind contributors to -at least occasionally- review their uploaded series for processing errors, both those resulting from some motion detection algorithm, and errors where pertinent, public, information is unjustly blurred.

Here goes :


Now and then go over my pics to include link in post or edit; over the years; over time, blurring has become more selective and to the point; would like to bring some erroneous blurs to your attention, for further tuning the algorithm.

No need to blur either BOEKEN (Dutch for ‘books’) or CD’S & DVD’S (would one need to translate … ?) on Mapillary , as neither constitutes personally identifiable information : it is the ‘out-of-hours’ drop-off slot (INLEVERBUS in Dutch) for the public library - might actually be helpful to mappers if they could correctly map each slot … ?

Looking further in the series : on Mapillary VERPLICHT is the Dutch word for compulsory, in this instance mopeds class B must use this cycleway : that information is pertinent to mappers, and in no way private - you’ll see the sign all over the land, and it is in the Wegcode - online at > Verkeersreglement, scroll down approx. 60% (that’s in the pale blue indicator line, top left, under ‘Inhoud’) to 65.2 where you’ll find like two dozen similar modifier signs ,

… and HERAS is a leading supplier of building site, and many other types of fencing, they’re well known for it, hardly merit privacy?

While we’re at it : would a ring road need privacy? Like the R10 in Mapillary ? It is also in the Verkeersreglement, scroll down 77%, Artikel 71 sign F23d

Hope this helps avoid spurious blurs, and allows to recognise those all-important modifier signs which -more often than not- almost totally contradict the primary sign above them. Thinking of SCHOOLSTRAAT (wegcode, appr. 8% down item 2.68 , and appr. 27% down at artikel 22undecies) , which restricts traffic for up to 200 hours per annum, during the remaining 8560 hours (in a non-leap year) it is just like any normal road, except it just happens to pass by a locked school building.

Met, als immer, vriendelijke groet,

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We used to be able to report such blurs directly in the web view, but sadly not anymore. Still seeing errors