Erroneous blurs

It seems to me that Mapillary is blurring more and more erroneous features:

For example, the place name sign in this image:

Or the these road name signs:

Or the hotel sign in this:

I contribute to Mapillary to later derive data and insert them into OSM. This king of blurring is really annoying.

Can it be amended?



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It seems that Berlin street signs also started to be blurred. Example: (should be “Straße L” and “Straße C”).

Similar erroneous blur here : Mapillary : the blurred word is BROODAUTOMAAT : a vending machine where you can get a loaf of bread when the adjacent bakery is closed.

There is a way to suggest to add blurs, but in this case I’d like to nominate a blur to be removed.

Looking at Mapillary : the name of the busstop is blurred - must be, as smaller print in destinations is readable.

EDIT (couple of minutes later) : not sure whether you’d need to blur ‘scouts’ in the sign directing visitors along a public way to the scouts hall? Blur the house number of the Scouts? See pKey=112906941807960 , but sure no need to blur part of a standard sign directing people to an AED / defibrillator?

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On a different note : it would be helpful if the contributor could step through all pics they submitted that day, rather than pick each individual batch of three or ten pics?