Erroneous blurs

It seems to me that Mapillary is blurring more and more erroneous features:

For example, the place name sign in this image:

Or the these road name signs:

Or the hotel sign in this:

I contribute to Mapillary to later derive data and insert them into OSM. This king of blurring is really annoying.

Can it be amended?




It seems that Berlin street signs also started to be blurred. Example: (should be “Straße L” and “Straße C”).

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Similar erroneous blur here : Mapillary : the blurred word is BROODAUTOMAAT : a vending machine where you can get a loaf of bread when the adjacent bakery is closed.

There is a way to suggest to add blurs, but in this case I’d like to nominate a blur to be removed.

Looking at Mapillary : the name of the busstop is blurred - must be, as smaller print in destinations is readable.

EDIT (couple of minutes later) : not sure whether you’d need to blur ‘scouts’ in the sign directing visitors along a public way to the scouts hall? Blur the house number of the Scouts? See pKey=112906941807960 , but sure no need to blur part of a standard sign directing people to an AED / defibrillator?

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On a different note : it would be helpful if the contributor could step through all pics they submitted that day, rather than pick each individual batch of three or ten pics?

Another example: Mapillary
Note the blurred small sign below “Landsberger Allee” — it contains the house numbers in this street segment.
(The house numbers were the main reason I made this photo, but luckily I still have the original photo available)


house numbers

:disappointed: Yeah, I am bothered by this for a long time too because I have also suggested to have a private 24 hour grace period for contributors to review and remove false positive blurs but to no avail. Fortunately, I keep my originals too. However, because I am unable to map everything off all of my imagery myself, some falsely blurred data will never get extracted by other mappers.

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There are definitely improvements that can be made to the CV algorithms here - its a tricky problem, and something we hope to look at improving in 2024. Thanks for your patience folks.