Images not getting blurred? [Solved]


I randomly stumbled upon an older sequence of pictures and most of them apparently haven’t been blurred at all:

Especially in Germany where cases of people being fined for showing uncensored license plates on the internet already exist this is something that must be avoided at all costs.
If this doesn’t work you might not get a lot of imagery from certain areas anymore, since AFAIK in my country I as the uploader of the images are responsible for how well they get censored.

And the license plates in these images aren’t hard-to-see/distant ones, but right in front of the camera and very well readable.
Any guess on why so many things in this sequence haven’t been blurred?

Also, I’m currently taking the effort to manually request blurs, at least on this sequence. So if someone visits this later the example linked above might be blurred.
And who knows how many other pictures are out there that haven’t been blurred?

I agree that this is a really serious issue and must be solved as soon as possible.

I mentioned this picture and this one in a post from 2017 because license plates had not been blurred after upload. As mentioned in the post, I made a manual blur at that time. Now the manual blurs are gone.

I suspect that the issue you raise, at least part of it, could be related to manual blurs from the past.

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Well, at least the quality has improved from what the others wrote in your thread since they changed it which I mentioned here. However I’ve never came across an image or even series of images that aren’t blurred at all.

That’s something that just should not happen. I know the algorithm can’t be 100% correct every time but that’s just too much. As I mentioned, I as the uploaded could be held responsible for this, there have been people who were charged for publishing a license plate already. And that’s just not a risk I am willing to take.

But I agree it could be related to manual blurs. When the algorithm wasn’t that good, I used to manually do it from time to time so that might be the case here.

Nonetheless, this has to be fixed ASAP, otherwise I might have to take down all my images soon. This isn’t meant as a threat, but it can cause legal issues in my country for me.

Hi @cageythree

Thank you for notifying us. We have identified the cause of this issue and are currently working on addressing it.


Funny thing is that I just found out that my own face is not blurred as well :smiley: See Mapillary cookie policy use as an example.

I noticed that man-made blurs aren’t taken from old Mapillary server to the new one. I had spent hours for blurring sometimes, not the work is gone. It’s in Germany, too.

@till Here’s another sequence that’s become unblurred. This is around GCHQ, and I was very careful to make sure every face and numberplate was blurred.

that would be a big failure. Lets hope they can update to the newest updates made by us. I also notice a lot of gps corrections I made last months are reset back to the uncorrected state

In the moment some I can see some of my panorama tours only as polylines, nearly without photos. Those tours were from one day and they had enormous problems with disappeared blurs of a friend of mine who accompanied (in the few still visible photos he is not pictured). Maybe Mapillary is fixing it now.

Is there any progress on this issue?

Update: My photos are back and they are blurred again.