Equipment Recommendation that's Compatible with Android

Hi, all.

I need to come up with a new solution, for recording images, from inside my car windscreen. The Android handset I was using, is now needed elsewhere. It seems wasteful to buy a new mobile phone, just to use the camera. Having searched for some answers, it seems like GoPro is the way forward; sadly, only IOS devices seem to have good support.

I want to buy a solution that records imagery, and uses the Mapillary app to handle the geolocation stuff and to manage uploads; I do not want to have to run scripts to do this. Has anyone found a solution for this situation?

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does it have to be new? there are probably lots of cheap battered phones on ebay that would still have decent cameras. the batteries in the phone might be run down at this point but if you are able to leave it charging while using it then that wouldnt be much of an issue.

or maybe have a look and see what is the cheapest IOS device that is compatible with gopro?

i use an android facing forward and a gopro facing to the side but i find the workflow on android to be a lot easier. even just being able to sync your photos across to a computer using something like syncthing makes it a whole lot easier than having to manually get the photos off the gopro each time. but i put up with it because i havnt found an android camera so far that takes good photos when facing sideways

@chris_debian, It sounds like the device you want to use will embed the GPS data into the JPG’s EXIF tags.

@dave683, the problem with sideways is the change of scenary and the need to quickly refocus. My old garmin virb’s usually do it well enough. They have problems in lower light though. How has your GoPro ( which model ? ) held up in lower light situations?

I add the
Sunplus Action Camera
to the Do Not Buy List.

Thanks, both. I’m thinking that maybe getting another mobile phone, would be the smoothest way forward. I see you can buy new good spec Moto G phones for less than £150 (GBP).


Except for current showstopper iOS app bug preventing image approval, iOS app, IMHO, has far superior user experience - for recording, approving/deleting, uploading; Android app seriously lacking in features, functionality. (:frowning: Many, if not most, cross-platform mobile app developers try to have feature-parity between platforms. Alas, Mapillary is woefully inadequate in this regard. (:frowning:

As for buying used gear, good luck finding used phone with important Mapillary features like good battery, accurate sensors - GPS, compass direction.

Mappers know that smartphones are not good enough.

ive been using a session 5 since some time last year but i recently upgraded to a hero7. i dont think ive really got to test them out in any low light situations yet, i usually dont bother trying to capture anything after 5 but thats mainly because my android ends up blurring at that point.

i have a feeling that the gopro photos would hold up a lot better though. there have been a few times where photos looked really dark (going past a bridge or tree, or with the sun facing into the lens) but ive been able to brighten up the shadows in lightroom so that the photo is still usable. if i try to do the same with photos from my phone they usually look a bit funky, but still better than nothing

it must be a swedish thing. i use “reason” (music software) which is made by a swedish company and they seem hell bent on only releasing apps for the second largest phone market, ie the iphone

the battery is not much of a problem as i stated above.

yea i suppose theres chance the gps might not be the best but at least theres the option of using an external bluetooth gps. i bought one when i started mapillary first because the order of photos were being messed up with the internal gps, but it was well worth the money in the end and i wouldnt switch back. it stops your phone battery from draining as much and you can program some useful tasker commands around it like recording a gpx track any time its turned on etc etc …and the obvious stuff like its more accurate

compass direction has never worked for me on any phone but it an easy fix in the editor later on